Why and how corporate catering can still be personal


Why and how corporate catering can still be personal

Now that we are all slowly returning to the office, corporate catering also seems to be on the rise again. What seemed unlikely a year ago is now a reality again: having lunch together with colleagues.  Okay, it’s not quite as it was, but within the rules things are certainly possible again. A few changes will stay in place because not everything recently is actually that bad. But what is the future of business catering? And why is it important to think about what you consider important within your teams? I’ll take you through my thoughts in this blog…

Business catering: how attention wins over efficiency

You see it emerging more and more and some are calling it the future: the online catering menu. Ordering lunch easily and quickly. Useful if you’re the one who has to arrange it. But what are the benefits? Your employees’ lunch looks exactly the same as three companies down the road. If you ask me, this type of catering lacks a bit of personal attention, for your employees as well as for your company culture.

We live in a society where everything is quick, fast and has to be arranged even faster. I understand that very well, because I was like that myself. But through COVID-19, I have come to realize that personality, attention and genuine interest are much more important than an online system that arranges everything for you. Experience has taught us that employees attach the most value to catering that has been specially put together for the company or team. They value catering that adds a little extra attention to their selections, which is important for the company culture and the interests and wishes of the team. And fortunately, this is still a people’s business.  

Business lunch by Thuisbezorgd?

Because of COVID-19, we’re eating, shopping, working, and playing differently. For some businesses, this was a horrible setback; for some developers, they saw new business opportunities. Apps like Thuisbezorgd and Uber Eats tapped into the market of corporate catering. A huge selection, but one in which quality is not always at the top. Companies aren’t private individuals, so even within the enormous offer there isn’t always a match. Which is only logical, because business catering really requires a different approach. At least, if you want your lunch to be more than just food – if you want the joint lunch to be a moment to work unconsciously on team spirit and on strengthening the corporate culture. Because that’s what it can be.

What can personalized catering do for your business?

With my company Out of My Boxes, I believe in the connecting power of eating together. I also believe that a little extra attention does wonders for the employee experience. At the same time, I think it’s important that catering at Out of My Boxes runs smoothly and without problems. So that you can spend less time arranging business catering and more time enjoying delicious and real food, together with your colleagues.

We show you how food can be part of your corporate culture, how it connects people and how it shows your employees a little appreciation. Through our personal approach we guarantee creativity and quality are in perfect balance. From the first encounter to the last bite.

Sustainable business catering by Out of My Boxes: this is how it works.

In 3 steps, we provide business catering that contributes to corporate culture, team spirit, and togetherness.

  1. Getting to know your company (digitally or in real-life). We schedule a meeting to look at the needs of the company. Not only in terms of food, but also in terms of business goals. More appreciation, more togetherness or more team spirit? We also discuss tastes, preferences and any dietary needs.
  2. Get to know our caterers. At Out of My Boxes we work with sustainable and local caterers. And we prefer them to work seasonally as well. They know that we mainly serve the business market and that eating together represents more than just the food itself. We know them through and through, but you don’t yet. We schedule an appointment with them at location so you can taste – and judge – their food yourself. Does this caterer fit with you and does the proposed menu fit your wishes?
  3. Delivery, setup, and cleanup. The tasting is done, menus have been selected, so now the catering gets the okay. The caterer will be present 15 minutes in advance to set up the COVID-19-proof catering. Everything is packed per person and any food for those with special wishes are labeled, so that the right people get the right lunch. If necessary, the caterers will return to clean up and pick up items. This is also part of business catering at Out of My Boxes; therefore, it’s included in the price.

Curious about catering that does more than just make people feel full?

Do you value personalized catering, creativity, quality, and innovation in corporate catering? Then we definitely have a match! We’ll help you strengthen your corporate culture with lots of love and pleasure. We go that extra mile, so all your employees need to do is enjoy. And you reap the benefits.

Excited about our personal sustainable catering? Would you like to know more about the possibilities or to discuss what’s best for your company? Please contact us via the form or call me directly on +316 20 60 37 05.

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