Send an Easter gift or a Covid-19-proof Easter trip?


Send an Easter gift or a Covid-19-proof Easter trip?

What are you planning to do for Easter this year? Send out an Easter greeting or planning to celebrate a Covid-19-proof Easter with the team? With Easter almost here, the first long weekend of 2021 is also nearing. Spring is in the air, we are all abundantly more cheerful and happy. Even in a pandemic. Could it be because of the joyful lambs frolicking around or the temperature slowly rising outside again? Or because Prime Minister Rutte and consorts might open the terraces up again for the Easter holidays so that we can enjoy a drink and the first rays of sunshine?

Easter during the pandemic

As I write this, I realize that this will be the second year that we celebrate Easter in a pandemic. Who would have expected last year that we would now once again be in lockdown? That we would still be working so much at home? That there’d be a curfew? I don’t think anyone did. But I think we should have some fun again for Easter this year. Let’s celebrate! At home, but also at work, with colleagues or your team. Maybe it’s even more important than ever to seek each other out virtually.

Why celebrate Easter with your team?

Celebrating things together – a company success, a birthday, Easter – create a connection, team building and appreciation, which are all things that just can’t be ignored within a well-run organization. Without a team you are nowhere. This makes the token of appreciation, possibly in the form of an Easter gift, so important. People commit to a company when they feel seen and appreciated. You can ingrain this into your company culture by focusing on the relationships between your people and celebrating successes. Look at how you can let employees, co-workers, colleagues and clients know that you value them. The more it fits with the organization and the person who sent it, the better the token of appreciation is received. A simple standard protocol just doesn’t cut it these days.

Celebrating together prevents communication noise

In addition to expressing appreciation, there is also a piece of team building which is a must in today’s culture. It’s important to us to get along with the people we work with. Not only because we spend a large part of our lives working, but also because we find these better relationships cause for far fewer misunderstandings or communication noise: communication actually improves. That’s why it’s so important for employers to give employees time and an opportunity to get to know each other better, to grow together and to face new challenges together. You might do that around Easter with a fun Easter happy hour.

Normally you would plan an elaborate Easter happy hour or a delicious Easter breakfast. Because of all the Covid-19 measures, it has become difficult to organize this at the company. We need to be flexible and think explore ideas so that you can also build the company culture during these online Easter days.

Celebrate Easter as a team: send Easter greetings, open an Easter box and more

When it became apparent that we would have to deal with Covid-19 this Easter as well, we started thinking. What can we still do? We made the traditional Easter activities Covid-19-proof. We have put together several Easter boxes with which you can celebrate Easter virtually as a team. Surprise them with this Covid-19-proof version of the Easter breakfast, provide them with delicious Easter chocolates with a personal card or send them an Easter borrelbox so they can have digital drinks together with the best products.

The breakfast box will be sent by parcel delivery, but all other Easter boxes can go through the mailbox. We have a couple of different boxes you can expanded on as desired. For example, with wine from a wine tube of Tubes or an Amsterdam beer from Two Chefs Brewing. Do you have your own way of celebrating Easter or do you have something else in mind? Out of My Boxes will arrange it quickly and reliably for your company.

Want to send an Easter gift to business associates?

Easter is a great time to show your appreciation to valued customers and other relations of your company. Easter is a traditional holiday, as evidenced by the fact that almost all companies are closed on Easter Monday. Easter is the perfect time to show your appreciation to your business contacts because, let’s be honest, everyone likes a great surprise. You probably also appreciate it when you get an Easter gift from a business contact.

Easter challenge as a team: whole company baking, enjoying happy hour and building a strong relationship as a team.

Challenging each other in the workplace creates healthy tension and competition. Challenging each other is still possible despite working from different locations and times because of the pandemic restrictions. How about a Baking Battle? With this easy and clearly described recipe for festive Easter cheesecake from Miljuschka, anyone should be able to whip something up. But who will decorate it in the nicest/most corporate style/at his Sunday best? Or, if you don’t have many enthusiastic bakers in the company, get an Easter quiz with the borrelbox, possible with teams, so you get that friendly competitiveness that contributes to team building.

Celebrating Easter as a company during Covid-19

Hopefully we’ve made you read that there are multiple ways to celebrate Easter as a company, even during the Covid-19 pandemic. We’d love to help your team have an unforgettable Covid-19-proof Easter celebration with Out of My Boxes.

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