The Thuiswerkbox


Price ex. € 31,50

With this working from home box, your colleagues or friends will get through their home working day.

In this Box

  • Cupplement coffee – 10 cups with energy/focus blend coffee, a cup of coffee with vitamins and superfoods
  • Enjoying with a mustache (DIY chocolate milk) – chocolate that gives you a mustache, delicious!
  • Gusta mug positive vibes – with a positive vibe
  • Cookie caramel rocks – by out of my boxes, beware because they are dangerously tasty!
  • The biscuit baking mix for cinnamon biscuits – made by people with a distance to the labor market.
  • Rondos by Banketbakker Soeteman – Delicious freshly baked rondos, a real Dutch cookie
  • Scrocchi con olive – delicious crackers
  • Delicious food and gourmet aioli – hmmmm garlic aioli
  • Bodegas Qui Artis- Vino blanco influencer 100% verdejo
  • Luxuriously packaged – so it’s a joy to open
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