On bubbel borrel gift box


Good bubbles, surprise your colleagues, friends and/or family with this on bubble borrelbox. Bubble and bites, do we need more in life?

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In this Box

• Gold Prosecco – With its pleasant bubble and its fresh fruity taste, this Prosecco is a festive glass of sparkling wine for every drink.
• Blueberry cassis Kombucha 250ml – a refreshing organic drink low in sugars, full of flavor and thirst-quenching!
• Funky Falcon Two chef brewings 330ml – a super fresh beer with a fruity body. Thanks to the hops, the beer brims with citrus and lemongrass aromas.
• Pita chips sea salt 200gr – a typical Italian toast. They are super crispy just like an authentic pizza base.
• Spread it on a piece of toast basil-cheese tapenade 190gr – Green pesto. Pesto is an authentic Italian blend of cashew nuts and basil, this version is enriched with delicious Parmesan cheese, garlic, pine nuts and walnuts.
• Stick it on a stick olives 106ml – Olives stuffed with paprika, in other words a delicious combination of sweet and salty.
• Mini chorizo ​​dry sausages spicy 100 gr – Delicious mini dry chorizo ​​sausages, slightly spicy.
• Out of my Boxes nut mix 100gr – a composed nut mix by Out of my Boxes with delicious smokehouse herbs.
• Old Manchego cheese 200 gr – A delicious piece of Manchego from the Haarlem cheese farmer De Kaashoek.
• Luxury packed

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