Letterbox Wijntje


Price ex. € 19,50

The ideal borrelbox through the letterbox! Surprise your colleagues, friends, or father with this drink through the letterbox.

In this Box

  • Oneglass Pinot Grigioquality wine through the letterbox do we need to say more? 187 ml
  • Oneglass Cabernet Sauvignon 100 ml – Yes, real quality wine through the letterbox!
  • John altman chili & maple syrup 40 gr best of both worlds, spicy & sweet.
  • Vegano Chips Fox Italia 45 gr – A responsible snack in addition to the one-glass wines?
  • Fuet spicy (halal) 200 gr – a fuet based on turkey and beef with a spicy bite.
  • Drinks cheese 240 gr – because without cheese there are no drinks
  • Luxuriously packed – so it’s a joy to open
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