Good morning, Coffee box


Price ex. € 22,95

Your cup of tea or coffee box through the letterbox! Do you make sure that your colleagues and / or friends start the day well with this box?

In this Box

  • Cupplement coffee – 10 cups with energy/focus blend coffee, a cup of coffee with vitamins and superfoods
  • Happy tea 73gr – A green tea with, among other things, peach pieces, rosehip peels, rose and sunflower petals that will make you completely happy.
  • Candy stick – a luxurious way of adding sugar to your coffee
  • Happy truffles 4 pieces – gives your day some color
  • Butter stroopwafels milk 4 pieces – delicious stroopwafels made from 100% butter, packaged in a Dutch touch.
  • Luxuriously packaged – so that opening becomes a party
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