Borrelbox Le Silver


With this borrelbox you really surprise someone! A luxury drinks package with the tastiest products to enjoy! But not only that, this luxury drinks package contains not only food and drinks but also great non-food products to complete the surprise!

In this Box

  • Bodegas Qui Artis – Vino Blanco Influencer (100% Verdejo) – this great white wine has won the Gilbert & Gaillard Gold Medal Award and is specially flown in from Spain.
  • Bodegas Qui Artis- Vino Tinto Buenas Razones. 100% Tempranillo. This wine has a bright red color with violet hues, good acidity with medium body, emphasizing the fruity and toasty notes of aging.
  • Two chef brewings- delicious beers from Amsterdam with funky flavors. 2 pieces
  • Strawberry/ Verveine table water – A great combination for relaxing. Verveine is known for its fresh lemon scent and taste. A drink that calms and relaxes you and the strawberries also make this table water a real vitamin bomb.
  • Gusta Acacia serving board 48x19x2CM – With this serving board you can go in all directions, made of acacia wood, which gives it its own natural character.
  • Out of my boxes nut mix – The cool nut mix, but not only cool but also very tasty!
  • Fior di Seggiano Pecorino – A delicious cheese that gets its full aroma and taste after a period of aging after 50 to 60 days. It has a sweet taste and quite spicy aroma for its ”young age”. Delicious with the Verdejo.
  • Chorizo ​​Vela – a delicious, dried sausage with paprika and peppers. This Spanish specialty is dried for about 3 months and is the perfect combination with the tempranillo.
  • Peranzana olives – Olives of a superior category. Produced from Peranzana olives picked from olive trees that are over 70 years old. This superior quality comes from the organic farm of the Sacco family from Torremaggiore in the province of Puglia.
  • Pita chips Sea Salt- These toasts have a familiar shape, but their taste makes them typical Italian and slightly different than you might be used to. They are super crispy just like an authentic pizza base.
  • Bottle work Spread it on a toast- old cheese tapenade. Coarse tapenade with traditional old cheese. A delicious contemporary mix of Italian and Dutch cuisine. The mix of sweet and salty gives this tapenade an irresistible delicious taste and it is perfect to combine with the Fior di Seggiano Pecorino.
  • Dapeppa beer bread spicy bruschetta, you make this great bread based on yes beer. The nice thing is that this can be made with all types of beer oh and the best thing is that these mixes are made by someone with a distance to the labor market.
  • GoedgeCURD lemon curd – GoedgeCURD’s showpiece. A great creamy, sweet curd of lemons. Sustainable and handmade
  • Cool soap mood of the day shower gel– HAPPY, the wonderful scents, the design and the story behind the Cool Soap brand make us long for the Greek island of Aegina. Handmade and durable.
  • Stone paper Marble premium notebooks Noir – make a difference with this stone paper notebook. Stone paper is 100% tree-free, waterproof, tear bark and naturally white, poison and bleach-free and super soft. This premium notebook is extra thick, namely 144 pages.
  • Personal card – a card filled in completely according to your wishes.
  • Luxury packaging – making it even more fun to unpack the gift box!
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