Borrelbox Le Gold


With this borrelbox you really surprise someone! A luxury drinks package with the tastiest products to enjoy! But not only that, this luxury drinks package contains not only food and drinks but also great non-food products to complete the surprise!

In this Box

  • Champagne brut suprême from Champagne Bonvalet – 70% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay, 8 g/L and 36 months in the cellar, deep golden colour. Discreet nose revealing fruity aromas when aerated. Good on the palate, the attack is fleshy, on the fruit, fresh and well-connected evolution.
  • L’Ange Rouge Pigalle Juanita banjo vino – Natural white wine (vegan)
  • Pineut table water carafe Citrus mint and blueberry – the one and only Rotterdam table water. A refreshing combination of lemon slices, orange slices, blueberries, and Rotterdam mint. Lovely to drink and come see a picture.
  • Gusta Acacia serving board 48x19CM – With this serving board you can go in all directions, made of acacia wood, which gives it its own natural character. The top and bottom have a wood color and the frame of the shelf is black.
  • Equa mismatch ash – With this glass Mismatch Ash drinking bottle you can avoid over 200 plastic bottles a year! This insanely elegant bottle will help you stay hydrated all day long. It is resistant to thermal changes and can therefore contain a good hot tea as well as a fresh fruit juice.
  • Cupplement- 10 cups, energy/focus blends to get through the day energetic.
  • Festive tea 73gr – always something to celebrate with this fruity black tea with the subtle taste of strawberry and apricot.
  • Quillo White Truffle 130gr – premium patatas fritas from Italy – great chips with a unique taste and a luxurious look
  • HUM-MUST-TRY – SPICY HUMMUS- delicious spicy hummus with a luxurious appearance.
  • Focaccine black olives 200-gram toasts with a subtle olive flavor.
  • V.s.o.p. old cheese – A very old variant of the already well-known Reypenaer, cheese of absolute class! Complex and rich in taste. A real classic Dutch Gouda cheese.
  • Smoked almonds 110gr – delicious smoked almonds freshly baked
  • Extra virgin olive oil tin – Italian extra virgin olive oil in a super cool vintage tin.
  • Beef Fuet Halal 200gr – a spicy fuet based on turkey and beef, making it halal.
  • Happy truffles – 4 different happy truffles with surprising flavors such as prosecco and cookie.
  • The best licorice ever – Klepper & Klepper, full sweet, they say the best licorice ever for a reason.
  • Hand soap – make bubbles like champagne – it works simple; you sprinkle 1 or 2 confetti leaves on your hand and wash your hands under the tap. Corn starch also provides a light scrub so that dead skin cells are removed.
  • Stone paper Marble premium notebooks Noir – make a difference with this stone paper notebook. Stone paper is 100% tree-free, waterproof, tear bark and naturally white, poison and bleach-free and super soft. This premium notebook is extra thick, namely 144 pages.
  • Personal card – a card filled in completely according to your wishes.
  • Luxury packaging – making it even more fun to unpack the gift box!
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