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Sinterklaas Packages

Celebrate the festive season with original and unique Sinterklaas packages

Summer is over and the temperature is slowly but surely dropping. The days are getting shorter and darker and that means the holidays are approaching again. We look forward to the festive season, where we show loved ones and work associates how much we appreciate them. Out of my boxes has put together the nicest, original and unique Sinterklaas and Christmas packages for you. It is of course also possible to have a tailor-made Sinterklaas package.

Show appreciation with original and unique Sinterklaas gifts

December is the time when we look back on a good, yet crazy year and look ahead to what the new year will bring us. The holiday season is all about getting together with loved ones and showing them our appreciation and it is not for nothing that it is called ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ .

Whether you are looking for an original and special Sinterklaas package for work relations or for your loved ones: with a unique gift you show that you show interest in the recipient and that you really want to do your best for them. Forget standard gifts and surprise with a sustainable, special and festive package.

A unique and original party package: for work relations and loved ones

From the DIY little gingerbread chunks to custom-made Sinterklaas packages with a personal message: the festive packages composed by Out of my boxes are again special, original and real treats this year.

Out of my boxes: special, personalized and sustainable

It is nice to receive a gift voucher, but a unique, sustainable and personalized Sinterklaas present is even more fun and special. Especially after a year like this, in which we were able to see each other much less than we might have wanted.

Surprise your colleagues, work relations, friends or family with a luxurious Sinterklaas package. As you are used to from Out of my boxes, our Sinterklaas packages are full of great, sustainable and delicious products, for everyone and for everyone budget. You can make it as luxurious as you want.

A selection of our original and unique Sinterklaas packages

Original, sustainable and with a smile! Out of my boxes ensures an unforgettable holiday season. Do you have a question or do you want more information about the customized packages? Feel free to contact contact to see what Out of my boxes can do for you or your company.

Which of our unique festive package are you going for?

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