How to organize a successful (team building) event?


How to organize a successful (team building) event?

As I write this blog, I realize that we have been living in a pandemic for almost a year and a half now. Fortunately, more and more restrictions are being lifted. So now you can start thinking about your next corporate event because let’s face it, we’re all really looking forward to getting together again as a team: dancing a little, doing cool team-building activities, or having a delicious nice meal together again.

Covid-19-proof and easy: the online event
Online events are no longer a thing of the past in the business world. But when do you choose an online event? What is the added value? And what do you need to pay attention to?

Virtual events are much easier to organize. One reason, for example, is because you don’t have to go looking for a location to host it. And besides it being easier to organize, it’s often a lot cheaper too.

Tips for a successful online event
– A stable internet connection. You can’t do anything about your visitors’ internet connection, but you can do something about yours. So make sure it’s working!
– Think about your visitor’s inner self: How can you surprise them with snacks and drinks? Getting a permanent catering partner involved, someone who knows you and your company and who can respond to your culture and wishes, is a smart idea. This way you can always provide your team with a surprising borrelbox or gift box.
– Live music also works well online. Playing a song during lunch for your team or a number of songs by a good cover band strengthens the team spirit. Especially if those who want to continue chatting, can do so in a private chat room.

Combination of online and offline events

I think online events will still be organized in the future, but it’ll be more of an online and offline combination. For me, a physical (team building) event is indispensable and so important to organize. A successful teambuilding event stands or falls with participation. If you manage to get people to participate, the bonds between team members will get stronger. And strong bond means a strong corporate culture, which in turn makes your company look better than your competition – you took the time and effort to make your employees happy. Involvement and strengthening mutual ties goes easier at a physical event. Therefore, I think this form of team-building events will never disappear. Does this sound like something you want for your team? Then start organizing something soon, because after having had to deal with so many restrictions and lockdowns, you won’t be the only one with a plan to have a little fun again. Before you know it, everything will be fully booked.

Ideas for a team building event:

  • Shark Tank: Ideas – everyone has them and loves to hear or share them too. There’s only one rule: everyone must be willing to get everyone as excited about the idea as they are themselves. How you choose to present this, is entirely up to you.
    Skills developed during Shark Tank: Creative thinking, communicating, strategic thinking and listening.
    Why I love it: Every idea will bring about something positive. It might even lead to new products or services. Also, people have a lot of fun while coming up with and pitching their ideas!
    How do you turn this into an event? Let me plan a full day for you. Think of fun activities such as Shark Tank or getting crazy on the water supping and ending the day with a BBQ and/ or 3-course dinner and a party. 
  • Field day: Help each other rediscover fun, because we can all use some of that after being cooped up for a year and a half. It’s a day full of tasks and contests, and before you know it, your professional colleagues will be playing like carefree elementary school children. It’s a day where everyone can be themselves and have relaxed, easy-going off-work conversations.
    Skills that this work activity develops: Teamwork, cooperation and leadership.
    Why I love it: With this day, all possible fun is possible and connection will be at the top. In doing so, we ensure engagement and that this is carried through into work.
    How to turn this into an event: Finish the field day on location with delicious drinks and a BBQ to complete the day.
  • Egg tossing: Dutch people never shy away from a good challenge. It’s hard to resist. Time-limited tossing an egg to one another without letting it break, taking a step back each time you succeed: you might think this is a simple game, but nothing could be further from the truth. I love to test every ‘breaking point’ and this activity is no exception to that. You and your colleague must stay perfectly synchronized while tossing an egg back and forth. What does this create? A perfect mix of tension, excitement, and cooperation, magnified by a time limit. There’s just one question: Can you and your colleague keep your precious egg safe?
    Skills this work activity develops: problem solving, teamwork, and trust.
    Why do I love it: It’s a simple, yet highly effective way to stimulate team building. It’s clear what the point of the game is! Tip from Outofmyboxes: film the spectacle so you can look back at it at a later date and laugh about that wonderful day!
    How to turn this into an event: After this activity, it’s time for a drink + snack, then a delicious dinner. Plan to celebrate extensively? End your evening with a silent disco on the beach, for example, where everyone dances to the rhythm of their own collective drum. Add a little challenge: everyone has to stay perfectly still when you unexpectedly pause the music. Don’t forget to take pictures and have a good laugh during the silent disco.
  • Feest op het water (Party on the water): This company organizes a lot of fun and interactive activities on the water. Fun has their highest priority, and there’s plenty to do an entire day long. Start your day on the water with coffee/tea and luxury treats. Then, everyone will be divided into 2 groups: group 1 starts with a beautiful cruise on the lake (drinks and snacks included), while group 2 goes on a trip with the E-Choppers. Halfway through the day, everyone switches activities.
    Skills this activity develops: teamwork and confidence
    Why I love it: There are different activities throughout the day, as well as complete relaxation, ending with a delicious fancy BBQ afterwards
    How to turn this into an event: End the day with a luxury BBQ and you might even want to consider a party with DJ. (Transportation can be arranged.)

    I believe that fun team building activities and events from the place you work are crucial to a successful business. I have lots of ideas to create great events with you, because we all want a successful business, not to mention fun as a team. Let’s talk! I look forward to brainstorming with you on organizing a great event for your company!

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