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Sustainable corporate catering

Out of My Boxes is your partner for sustainable catering. We believe in the power of enjoying food together. We believe that food can be part of your company culture, that it connects people and shows that you value your employees. On this page we will tell you why we believe in the power of food, how you can use it to improve or strengthen your company culture and how we can help you.

Sustainable catering

You create a growing company culture with personal, sustainable and original company catering.

Barbecue catering

The sun is shining, the temperatures are good – time for a nice team barbecue or business event.


Food trucks on location: from street food to chips.
Tasty and informal!

Event catering

Thanks to our experience in the hospitality industry, we know better than anyone how to please your guests.

We help with sustainable catering for your company!

Locally and sustainably produced

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Fewer food miles means a smaller carbon footprint to get the food on the table.

By buying locally, you support local farmers and businesses so that they can continue their services in the future. Seasonal foods – foods that are less processed or less artificially aged – are also an effective way to introduce those small, sustainable habits that are good for the planet.

We work with local caterers and farmers so we can offer seasonal menus using locally grown ingredients.

Eat mostly organic products

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Organically grown herbs, fruits, vegetables and meats help keep farms and soil healthy.

And did you know that sustainable – so organic – products do not contain any pesticides or chemicals?

This means that the food is much healthier and that is precisely why we work with local caterers, because we want to improve the world together with you!

Reuse your recyclable and organic tableware

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Sustainability also means reducing material waste.

Because plastic is one of the world’s biggest environmental problems, it is important that tableware, glassware and other materials used are biodegradable, recyclable (if single-use) or fully reusable.

Did you know that we only work with caterers who use minimal to no plastic?

Eat less meat and more vegetarian or vegan

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Vegetarian or vegan food has less environmental impact than eating meat and fish. That doesn’t mean you should stop eating meat or fish.

I don’t want to impose any rules on anyone and I am also a meat lover, but I consciously choose to eat vegetarian a few times a week. By reducing our meat consumption, we can already make a huge difference.

If you, as a company, opt for good vegetarian or vegan catering, you will reduce your ecological footprint. Not only do you do something good for the environment with this, but because the team is fed with healthy food, they get through the day more productively.

Reduce your food waste, throw less away

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Voedselverspilling is zonde van het geld, maar ook van het milieu. Wist je dat we per persoon ongeveer 34 kilo voedsel weggooien per jaar?

Dat betekent we in Nederland jaarlijks met alle huishoudens samen zo’n 590 miljoen kilo aan goed voedsel verspillen. Dat is gewoon bizar veel!

Met enkele eenvoudige aanpassingen is dit te voorkomen. Precies hierom nemen wij de tijd om met jullie te overleggen wat de wensen en verwachtingen zijn en adviseren wij hoeveel eten jullie het beste kunnen bestellen.

The power of good food

At Out of My Boxes we know from experience that showing appreciation for your employees doesn’t mean handing out that big end-of-year bonus or gifting that extravagant trip. It can be as simple as having breakfast together with delicious fresh smoothie bowls or enjoying a good lunch you – the employer – provide.


What is sustainable company catering?

The idea of sustainability is avoiding the depletion of natural resources, maintaining ecological balance and being aware of the social impacts.

The goal of a sustainable corporate caterer is to provide people with healthy, tasty and nutritious food and to minimize negative environmental impacts. Food and crockery are a major source of waste and by purchasing, preparing and disposing of food and materials in a more sustainable way, as a caterer you ensure that the ecosystem remains in balance and the environment is protected.

Sustainable working is therefore extremely important in catering.

Good Food = Good Mood

Solid relationships and sustainable catering

You can use catering to strengthen and further develop your company culture. We believe that sustainable catering works very well to achieve this. We choose sustainable products and catering because we believe it is literally the future. Not only is sustainability the best option for our planet, we also believe it’s best when working together, with our clients, as well as with our caterers. We believe in and work towards a sustainable relationship. We know the partners we work with: we choose local partners and those with a passion. Not your standard solutions but catering with a story. We offer real food from local and trusted partners. We offer food that draws your attention and stays with you instead of being a dime a dozen. We listen to your needs and make sure they are met, right down to the very last detail.

Out of My Boxes helps strengthen your company culture

It would be our pleasure to help strengthen your company culture. Through our experience in the hospitality industry, not only do we have a large network of suppliers, we also know what it takes to give people an unforgettable experience. We go the extra mile so that all your employees have to do is relax and enjoy themselves. Would you like to know more about our sustainable catering or about what the best option for your company could be? Contact us via the form or get one of us on the phone right away at +31 6 20 60 37 05.

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