Event catering

From food trucks to fully catered events.

Event Catering

Think about what events you have the fondest memories of. These events are often where there was good food or where it even might have played a leading role. And there’s a reason for that: our best memories are often based not only on good company, but also on excellent food. Do you want events that make your employees feel good, where employees connect with each other and that contribute to a strong company culture? Then you are at the right address with us!

Organize a company event

Employees commit to a company, not just for the income they get from working there but because they feel a part of it. When they feel valued and connected to their colleagues, they feel comfortable which gives them a boost to develop and grow. We can’t say anything meaningful about the wages your employees earn, but all the more about organizing events that connect and create a feeling of appreciation.

We see that people enjoying good food together leads to higher morale and a happier team. People get the chance to interact in a different way, to get out of a working mode for a while. This strengthens their bond. Not only is this good for mutual cooperation, but it also leads to better communication at work. People are more relaxed at work, which benefits their productivity, creativity and work attitude.

Food is for eating and good food is to be enjoyed

What can we help you with in terms of event catering?

Through our experience in the catering industry, we know better than anyone how to make guests feel at home. In terms of presentation, service and of course food. We have an extensive network of local caterers, so we can make each (virtual) event unique and fitting for your business.

We always go the extra mile, not only during the event but also in the preparations. We ask the right questions, so we organize an event that fits the company as well as its objectives.

I would like to know more about event catering by Out of My Boxes

How nice that you want to work on a strong company culture by organizing an event. From a summer event to a food truck on location, or a virtual drink with fitting borrelboxes to a unique (online) teambuilding event, we will work with love, passion, and pleasure with/for you. Curious and looking for an event caterer? Contact us through this form or call Michelle directly at +31 6 20 60 37 05.

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