An original and sustainable Christmas gift and Christmas event for employees


An original and sustainable Christmas gift and Christmas event for employees

September has arrived and that means that everyone’s already preparing for an unforgettable Christmas. Have you already thought about what your company is going to do for Christmas this year? Are you going to put together a Christmas gift box for your employees? Or are you going to splurge and end the year with a big (possibly digital) Christmas event? Whatever the choice is, being well prepared is key!

Christmas is in the weekend this year and how we’ll celebrate it this year is still exciting. So for now, keep all scenarios in mind.

Show appreciation with an original and sustainable Christmas gift box and Christmas event for employees

You show your employees they’re appreciated with a nice Christmas gift box. But every year, putting together an original Christmas gift box is a real challenge. What fits with the values of your company and what makes the team happy? How do you show the employees that you appreciate them and want to spoil them? The most important thing is that the content is of added value. I am personally a fan of a combination box with delicious food and drinks and nice (personalized) goodies. 

Here’s how to make sure your employee Christmas gift hits the spot…

  1. Well stocked. Last year, well-stocked Christmas gift boxes were a great success. And this year, it’s the same. Employees will be especially happy with a full and beautiful Christmas gift box.
  2. Variety. Make sure you don’t give your teams the same gift box you gave last year, or any previous year. Together with you, I’ll look at the possibilities of surprising everyone with the best Christmas gift box that fits your company.
  3. Country theme. Choose a country themed food package – it’s something that fits perfectly with these times. The Christmas gift box contains all the ingredients for a delicious authentic dish you can enjoy at home.
  4. Color combination. Put together a beautifully decorated Christmas gift box for employees. The big trend this year? Drum roll… Luxury, chic, and the colors gold and black. The classic white is also a color we’ll see a lot in Christmas gift boxes in 2021.
  5. Travel suitcase. This is my personal favorite and you can make all kind of different ones. A filled suitcase as a Christmas present has been making employees smile for years and this year will be no different. Especially since the travel possibilities were still very limited due to Covid-19. Let’s hope that the suitcases will soon be able to travel with us when we start discovering new places again.
  6. Wooden box with a crowbar. Originality is important when putting together a Christmas gift box and is highly appreciated by employees. This year, for example, choose a Christmas gift box in a wooden box that has to be opened with a crowbar.

A Christmas gift or a Christmas event? Choose something original and sustainable

Would you like your company to show its appreciation for its employees by putting together an original Christmas gift box? These are just a few examples of Christmas gift boxes that Out of My Boxes can help with. The contents are made just for you! I can also like to help you organize an original Christmas event.

How to organize the best Christmas event…

Whether we’ll be able to celebrate a cozy Christmas event like we used to, is still unknown. But it’s clear that it should be an unforgettable Christmas for employees. I personally hope that we can all dance on the dance floor again. Let us inform you about the possibilities, so that your company can organize a great party. I’ll be happy to help you!

Did you know that… if you have a company Christmas party, it can take place tax free?

Tips and tricks for the perfect Christmas event

The Christmas season is the perfect time to host an event for employees, not only to thank everyone for their efforts over the past year but also to just have a good time together. It’s always exciting to organize a Christmas party that is to everyone’s liking. Good preparation is key. With these tips and tricks, you won’t come across any unpleasant surprises:

  • How do you envision your Christmas party? After all, there are so many possibilities: from a cozy dinner, a Christmas breakfast, or Christmas brunch to an over-the-top Christmas party.
  • How big is the team? Is the party small? Then it’s nice to opt for a cozy Christmas dinner or some Christmas drinks. If you have a large team, then it’s more fun to organize a big Christmas party so everyone can easily mingle.
  • The right snacks and drinks. Whether your company opts for a Christmas breakfast, lunch, dinner or some drinks, surely having good food and drinks is the most important part. From small snacks to a three-course menu: everything should be in order. Check out the possibilities well in advance, because there’s lots to choose from. Would you like a dinner, winter barbecue, buffet, Christmas market, or various food trucks for example?
  • Take into account the preferences of the employees. Are there any employees with specific dietary requirements or preferences?

Do you want to host a corporate Christmas event that everyone will still talk about years later? I’d love to help you exceed their expectations and ensure an unforgettable evening!

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